Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mcm2 hal lah..ish3...

xtaw nk express aper..but the last2 day of the study really tense me out.. a lot have am i supposed to act?with the member grup that seem not to be serious while we are in the of making the research proposal..and why my mistakes always been the issues??oh,when u guys made the mistakes,as any of u realize it?no isnt...hey,come on not do u guys..if im the one who have to care but ur feeling, how about my feeling?do guys care??..seyes ly..i love u all..but be considerable la..huhuhu..hope diz feeling gone as soon as possible.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

ni sumer gilerrrrr....!!!!!!!!!

arrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....hasni mulekan dgn jeritn..xske gilerrr..geram yg Amat..!!!! napelah ko nk kcu hasni....plez la..let me rest in not even disturb me again..juz because hasni bek dgn kmu,u can take's bad r ur thinking..u came nicely to then u mess up my grup.juz b'coz u r comfortable wif?ceeitt...dun be so selfish la am i supposed to accept u if u cannot do your work..ur last aseyment showed everythin u know...k fine,..if u insist to join my grup..if my grupmates majority accept u..u can matter..but one thing..i wont be wif u anymore..either in grup aseymen or any activity next sem...u have our own fren rite..that u most confortable wif..then..go for it..dont bother to ask me to take u into my me plez...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

mY fantasi..~`

sudh lme x update blog nih..huhu..rse mmg nk tulis mcm2 kt biarlah dulu..akan hasni cter sgla detail2 per yg berlaku sepjg hasni hujung2 sem nih..huhu..hari,gatal lak tgn nk berbicara psl cinta..cinta saper?cinta hasni falina..sempena?sb hasni trigin nk luahkn kt blog,ske hti la kn..

1. hasni nk laki yg betol2 sygkn hasni sb hasni..bkn kerana fizikal,harta o hasni mmg xde sumer tuh..
2.die sgguup korbankn mse,wang n ape jerlah tok hasni..bkn nk ckp hasni mate duitn o wt,cz once die sggp wt begini,hasni akan wat double dr aper yg die bwt..
3. sggp temankn hasni bile diperlukn..makna kate,lau de bberlaku musibah kt hasni n family,die sggup temankn..sggup tggalkn keje die demi hasni..
4. hrmatkn family hasni n xberkira dgn family hasni. family means a lot to hasni..lau die dpt get along dgn family hasni..thats better
5. be fren wif my hasni de 1 org jer adek..lau die dpt jd kwn dgn adk hasni,xksh lau hasni lebhkn adk,.thats wud be nice..
6.memahami keadaan hasni.. mementingkan diri..
8. ciri2 wajib bg lelaki ideal tiap wanita..
once die memenuhi criteria nih, hasni sggup bwt lbh dr yg die lakukan...cukuplah family hasni diutamakn, i had found one men..that y im feel sooo lucky..he's rely can cooperate.. but my i gud enuf 4 him??? scared to think of.. i dun want to hurt him..not at all..but wt if he hurt me?is he think as i am?dont want to hurt each other?wut am i gonna do?keep it n cry?o tell him?gosh.. i rely dont knoe..n hate to think of have fight wif a person that easy to hurt.many of my frens looked me as tough person..but its easily can cry when people that i love hurt me..instead of md at them, i rather keep iit to my self..dun noe how to express..hmmm..whtever it is..that lucky men, ive found several types of my ideal on u..hoper u gonna be urself..its ok if u're not fulfill in my criteria,cz evryone isn't same..but its ok..i like the way u re..ok...=)

Monday, October 4, 2010


i miss my bff..when ego had conquered the body n mind..everything seem to be not as whut u guys think of..ok..thats all..